Zerobin - via cjdns

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

You can join us on irc. We encourage that you use SSL when you connect.

ipv4/6 - 
cjdns -

Termbin on the open net.

To use termbin all you have to do is:

cat <somefile> | nc 9999  

For Cjdns access:

 cat <somefile> | nc 9998

There are many uses for this and ranges from sharing config files to text files.

It can also be added as an alias in .bashrc:

alias tb='nc 9999'  

Once again the cjdns version:

alias tb='nc 9998'

And with that you can fully utilize the termbin service from

CJDNS Public Node

"login": "cjdns-public",

We also highly recommend Joining these nodes as well, the more the better!


Our server is whitelisted so you will need to contact either garandil or yakamo in irc to get whitelisted, we may require you to hang around and get to know us first, as we would like to keep up a good atmosphere for players.

Normal address:

Cjdns address:  

We also provide a compressed file of the world which is updated daily at 6am.


Mumble is our voice chat server for anyone who wants to chat to each other or groups.


ipv4/6 -  
cjdns -

To login choose any username you want and use the password = VirtualHacker <----casesensitive